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Air filter

Air filter
Air filter core is a kind of filter, also known as air filter, air filter, style.It is mainly used for air filtration in engineering locomotive, automobile, agricultural locomotive, laboratory, aseptic operation room and various precision operation rooms.
The engine has to suck in a lot of air during operation. If the air is not filtered, the dust suspended in the air is sucked into the cylinder, which will accelerate the piston group and cylinder wear.Larger particles entering between the piston and the cylinder can cause serious "pull cylinder" phenomenon, which is particularly serious in the dry and sandy working environment.The air filter is installed in front of the carburetor or inlet pipe to remove dust and sand in the air and ensure sufficient and clean air in the cylinder.
The basic information
Type of air filter
According to the principle of filter cleaning, air filter can be divided into filter type, centrifugal type, oil bath type, composite type.The commonly used air filter air filter in the engine mainly includes inertial oil bath air filter, paper dry air filter and polyurethane air filter.The inertial oil bath air filter has been through the inertial filter, oil bath filter and filter filter, and the latter two air filters are mainly filtered through the filter core.Inertial oil bath air filter has low intake resistance, can adapt to the dusty and sandy working environment, long service life and other advantages, previously used in a variety of models of automobile and tractor engines.But the air filter is inefficient, heavy, costly and difficult to maintain, and has been gradually phased out of the automotive engine.The filter core of paper dry air filter is made of the microporous filter paper processed by resin. The filter paper is porous, loose and folded. It has certain mechanical strength and water resistance.The filter core of polyurethane air filter is made of flexible, porous and spongy polyurethane and has strong adsorption capacity. This air filter has the advantages of paper dry air filter, but it has low mechanical strength and is widely used in automobile engine.The disadvantages of the latter two air filters are short service life and unreliable operation under harsh environmental conditions.
The advantages and disadvantages
All kinds of air filters have their own advantages and disadvantages, but inevitably there exists the contradiction between air intake and filtration efficiency.With the deep research of air filter, the requirement of air filter is higher and higher.Some new types of air filters have appeared, such as air filter of fiber filter core, air filter of compound filter material, muffler air filter, thermostatic air filter, etc., to meet the needs of the engine.
1. During installation, the connection between the air filter and the engine inlet pipe, whether by flange, rubber tube or direct connection, must be strict and reliable to prevent air leakage, and rubber gasket must be installed on both ends of the filter element;The wing nut on the outer cover of the fixed air filter should not be screwed too tightly, so as not to damage the paper filter core.
2. During maintenance, the paper filter should not be cleaned in oil, otherwise the paper filter will fail and cause flying accident.When maintaining, you can only use the vibration method, the soft brush removal method (to follow its wrinkle brush) or the compressed air back blow method to remove dust and dirt on the surface of the paper filter element.For the part of rough filter, dust collection site, blade and cyclone pipe should be cleared in time.Even if each time can be meticulously maintained, the paper filter core can not fully restore the original performance, its intake resistance will be increased, therefore, when the paper filter core needs to carry out the fourth maintenance, it should be replaced with a new filter core.If the filter core is broken, perforated or the filter paper and end cover degummed, etc., it should be replaced immediately.
3. When using the air filter, it should be strictly prevented from getting wet by rain, because once the paper core absorbs a lot of water, it will greatly increase the air intake resistance and shorten the mission.In addition, paper air filter can not contact with oil and fire.
4. Some vehicle engines are equipped with a cyclone air filter. The plastic cover at the end of the paper filter is a flow guide cover.Therefore, when maintaining the whirlwind air filter, take care not to leak the plastic guide cover on the filter core.
1. The filter core is the core part of the filter. It is made of special materials and belongs to vulnerable parts.
2. When the filter has been working for a long time, some impurities have been intercepted by the filter core, which will lead to an increase in pressure and a decrease in flow. At this time, timely cleaning is required.
3. When cleaning, be sure not to deform or damage the filter core.
Generally, the service life of the filter core is different according to the raw materials used. However, with the extension of the service time, impurities in the water will clog the filter core, so generally, PP filter core needs to be replaced for three months.The activated carbon filter element needs to be replaced for six months.As the fiber filter core cannot be cleaned, it is generally placed in the back end of PP cotton and activated carbon, which is not easy to cause blockage.Ceramic cartridges can usually be used for 9-12 months.
The filter paper in the equipment is also one of the keys. The filter paper in the high-quality filter equipment usually adopts the super-fine fiber paper filled with synthetic resin, which can effectively filter impurities and has strong pollution retention ability.According to relevant statistics, a passenger car with an output power of 180 kilowatts was travelling at 30,000 kilometers, and the impurities filtered by the filter equipment were about 1.5 kg.In addition, the equipment also has great requirements for the strength of filter paper. Due to the large air flow, the strength of filter paper can resist the strong air flow, guarantee the efficiency of filtering and extend the service life of the equipment
Application field
1. In the machine tool industry, 85% of the transmission system of the machine tool USES hydraulic transmission and control.Such as grinding machine, milling machine, planer, broaching machine, press machine, shearing machine, and combined machine.
2. In the metallurgical industry, hydraulic technology is adopted for electric furnace control system, steel rolling mill control system, open hearth charging, converter control, blast furnace control, strip deviation and constant tension device.
3. Hydraulic drive is widely used in construction machinery, such as excavator, tire loader, automobile crane, crawler bulldozer, tire crane, self-propelled scraper, grader and vibratory roller.
In agricultural machinery, hydraulic technology is also widely used, such as combine harvesters, tractors and plows.
5. In the automobile industry, hydraulic off-road vehicles, hydraulic self-dumping vehicles, hydraulic aerial working vehicles and fire engines, etc. all adopt hydraulic technology.
6. In the light textile industry, there are plastic injection molding machines, rubber vulcanizing machines, paper machines, printing presses and textile machines adopting hydraulic technology.

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