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How long is the life of the HEPA filter?

At present, the medium and high-end air purifiers all adopt the pure physical filtration technology mainly including activated carbon filter and hepa filter.According to allerair air purifier technology controller is introduced: the medical level of HEPA filter is made of the filter material, installation within the air purifier, purifier in the process of running, because of the purifier itself seal degree, fan air volume and air pressure size, fan air volume and the overall degree of match filtering system and HEPA filter front mesh quality (thickness thin dense degree), purifier work environment pollution, the influence of such factors as the actual purification efficiency and service life of the air purifier is not the same.
   Allerair air purifier, for example, in front of the hepa filter is equipped with the early effect, double antibacterial filter, activated carbon filter mesh, the mesh adequate weight, thickness, wind resistance, can filter the vast majority of particle pollution, basic can reach the hepa filter is some superfine particle pollutants and bacteria, virus, so the life of the hepa filter can take up to five years or more.On the contrary, if the same hepa filter is installed on the ordinary purifier, because the front filter is thin and the air volume does not match well with the filter, it is likely that within a few days large particle pollutants will break through the hepa filter network, thus reducing the purification efficiency of the hepa filter network and even leading to the scrapping of the hepa filter network.
Therefore, the life and purification efficiency of hepa filter net of air purifier are totally different in different purifiers, which is one of the main reasons why high-end air purifier is different from medium-low air purifier.

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