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What does it mean “Three Filters & One Oil”?

The three filter oil of air compressor mainly refers to air filter, oil filter, oil and gas separator, air compressor oil (or oil cooling fluid).Air filter: short for air filter. 
1) function: the air filter is in the filtering chamber of the square air compressor on the atlas air compressor. Its function is to filter the air into the air that meets the requirements of the equipment and is relatively pure.
2) efficiency: 99.5% particle size is 2 microns.
3) replacement cycle: 2000 hours.When the pressure difference on the air filter is less than -0.05bar, a new air filter should be replaced if it is exceeded.
4) filter particle of filter core: 1 cleaning m reaches 98%;2 microns by 99.5%;3 microns of 99.9%.
2. Oil filter: also called oil filter.A. function: filter impurities in the oil path, ensure the normal operation of the main engine and the lubrication system, and prevent the impurities in the oil from entering the main engine and causing wear on the parts;
B. filter particles: 10 
C. the replacement cycle is 2000 hours.
Oil and gas separator: abbreviated oil separation, oil fine separator it is the oil separation core installed in the upper part of the oil cylinder.Its function and function are: the oil and air is compressed into the oil cylinder through the main engine oil mixture separation, the oil is separated from the oil and gas mixture, the cleaner compressed air is obtained, for the use of gas units. 
Technical requirements for oil and gas separator:
A. The filtering accuracy can reach 0.1 micron; 
B. The maximum pressure difference value of the oil and gas separator shall not exceed 0.8bar, which shall be replaced immediately.Generally, the new oil partial pressure difference is about 0.2bar. 
C. The oil content in the compressed air separated by the fuel injection screw machine is < 3ppm, and the replacement cycle is 6000-8000 hours.However, under normal circumstances, due to the influence of factors such as limited operating conditions of customer equipment, the oil content can reach the service life when operating conditions are good, but it is generally difficult to get the ideal service life time. 

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